NIT Services, an XentIT Company, specializes in Assessment and Authorization, Vulnerability Assessments, Continuous Monitoring, Penetration Testing, Security Policies and Procedures Development, Risk Assessments, Compliance Scanning and Monitoring, Cybersecurity Training, Contingency Planning and Incident Response for all Government and cloud environments.

Our Vision

Help our clients achieve best value and results for their business by optimally utilizing their IT systems and resources.

Our Team

Our executives carry relevant industry recognitions and honors and have decades of valuable cumulative professional experience in both commercial and government space. Our information security & compliance professionals, network professionals, programmers, project managers and program managers are well referenced industry experts, carry relevant certifications in their disciplines and have worked with clients in a number of business sectors. We strive to recruit the most qualified and experienced professionals. Our source of recruiting is primarily via referral from our expert colleagues in the industry, current & former associates and through a professional vetting process.



Tariq Alvi has 30 years of diverse experience in engineering, information technology and cybersecurity. Tariq had founded XentIT in 2006 with a mission to provide “professional services without giving up personal attention” to his clients, and acquired NIT Services in 2019 to expand services capabilities. This acquisition has enabled us to provide end-to-end cybersecurity engineering, advisory, and assessment services to our federal, state and local government entities as well as small, medium and large businesses for their on-prem and cloud systems. Tariq’s commitment to providing quality service to his clients made him go back to school and earn a MS in Cybersecurity Technology degree from University of Maryland Global Campus.

Prior to joining NIT in 2023, Khalid Alvi was the Director of Division of Program, Contract, and Budget Management in the CCIO, a component of the CMS since 2016. In this role, Khalid oversaw systems development and operations, formulation and execution of $120M annual budget, acquisition and contract management, Cloud resource management, software asset management, investment management, and service desk operations for Marketplace Innovation & Technology Group (MITG) which develops, maintains, secures, and operates IT systems in the Cloud that power HealthCare.gov.

Khalid’s federal career spanned 25 years and 3 executive branch agencies–the HHS, DoD, and Department of Commerce (DoC). He is a customer-centric and mission-driven senior leader with experience and accomplishments in IT portfolio/program/project management, IT operations, systems development, budget formulation and execution, acquisition and contract management, IT governance, customer service & engagement, establishing large programs & creating innovative technology solutions.

Khalid joined US Census Bureau’s New York Regional Office in 1997 after graduating from City University of New York. A year later, he came to Census Bureau’s headquarters in Washington, DC to assist with the development of IT systems for the Decennial Census of 2000.  Khalid earned an MBA and MS in Technology Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus and Master’s Certificate in IT Project Management from the George Washington University. He is also a graduate of Department of Commerce’s Executive Leadership Development Program. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

In his spare time, Khalid enjoys traveling within the United States and learning about US history. He has visited 49 state capitals with his family. Visiting Juneau, Alaska is on his bucket list.

EXECUTIVE Vice President

Paul Johnson is a well-rounded technical executive with experience in all facets of the IT environment. A graduate of business school, he enjoys working with business units to find solutions to problems rather than pushing the latest technology. Paul focuses on cost savings through technology and enjoys exploring new products and processes. He has a proven track record of bringing stability and consistency to IT departments and systems.

Paul has built and managed data centers, networks and call centers. He was also the owner of a successful managed services provider (MSP) in the Atlanta area, after being asked to start one by a friend.

In his free time, Paul likes to coach baseball, watch hockey and football, and travel. He is considering a run for local elected office.

Paul Johnson
Vice President, NEtwork Security & ManAged Services

Ernesto Fuller is a highly skilled network security expert with over 25 years’ experience with a diverse background in both military and civilian roles. Before he joined NIT, he began his career in the United States Air Force, where he served as a network security specialist for several years. In this role, he was responsible for maintaining and securing the Air Force’s computer networks, as well as implementing security protocols and procedures to protect against cyber threats.

After leaving the Air Force, Ernesto joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a network security engineer. In this role, he worked to protect the FBI’s computer networks and sensitive information from cyber-attacks. He also provided technical expertise and assistance to several FBI IT systems.

Over the years, Ernesto has worked for a variety of government agencies including the US Marshal’s service, DOJ and Federal Bureau of Prisons as a network security engineer as well as an Information Systems Security Officer. He was responsible for implementing and maintaining security measures to protect the computer systems and networks of these organizations. He also provided technical support and training to staff to ensure they were able to effectively use the systems and protect against cyber threats. Throughout his career, Ernesto has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in network security and is known for his ability to resolve issues and implement solutions to protect against cyber threats quickly and effectively.

 Ernesto enjoys spending time with his friends and family and is also a dedicated parent with two kids in college. In his free time, he indulges in his passion for technology and can often be found tinkering with the latest gadgets and devices. He balances his responsibilities and commitments with leisure activities that bring him joy and fulfillment.


Irma Flores has over 25 + years of finance and accounting experience and has many years of experience in leading companies’ operational activities. Prior to joining NIT, she was the Director of Finance and Administration at the BRG Railroad an OmniTRAX company.

Irma is a result oriented and team focused operations business leader. Irma has a proven track record of managing business operations, optimizing processes by employing effective project management and Quality Management Principals as well as managing teams.

Irma is a volunteer community leader that teaches and leads youth groups and ladies’ groups. She and husband work with many families that need ministerial counseling or have a crisis management need.


Irma Flores


An image of Shaun in a white shirt and blue tie


Shaun Powell is a dedicated sales professional committed to providing exceptional customer service and support to his clients. With over 20 years of sales experience, Shaun is gifted at understanding the problems his clients face and providing them with the proper solutions to meet their needs. He is a true partner of each client he serves, building lasting business relationships that stand the test of time.

Shaun graduated from Toccoa Falls College in beautiful north Georgia. He enjoys baseball, mountain biking, hiking, and camping. He currently lives in the metro-Atlanta area with his wife, two children, and their multitude of pets.