NIT Services, an XentIT Company, specializes in Assessment and Authorization, Vulnerability Assessments, Continuous Monitoring, Penetration Testing, Security Policies and Procedures Development, Risk Assessments, Compliance Scanning and Monitoring, Cybersecurity Training, Contingency Planning and Incident Response for all Government and cloud environments.

Our Vision

Help our clients achieve best value and results for their business by optimally utilizing their IT systems and resources.

Our Team

Our executives carry relevant industry recognitions and honors and have decades of valuable cumulative professional experience in both commercial and government space. Our information security & compliance professionals, network professionals, programmers, project managers and program managers are well referenced industry experts, carry relevant certifications in their disciplines and have worked with clients in a number of business sectors. We strive to recruit the most qualified and experienced professionals. Our source of recruiting is primarily via referral from our expert colleagues in the industry, current & former associates and through a professional vetting process.

Ed Childs


Edmund (“Ed”) Childs started NIT Services in 1995. Prior to starting NIT, Ed was a systems analyst for government contractors in the defense industry and an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland. Congress passed the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) in 2002. In general, this Act requires that secured information at the federal government agency and government contractor level must be properly secured. The Act further requires that the agencies and contractors must conduct a Cyber Security Assessments on an annual basis. Ed recognized that there were opportunities mandated by FISMA and redirected company’s efforts to focus on services and programs for clients, government agencies and government contractors, who needed to comply with FISMA. Today, NIT is known for their expertise in conducting the NIST based security assessments as required by FISMA.

Paul Johnson is a well-rounded technical executive with experience in all facets of the IT environment. A graduate of business school, he enjoys working with business units to find solutions to problems rather than pushing the latest technology. Paul focuses on cost savings through technology and enjoys exploring new products and processes. He has a proven track record of bringing stability and consistency to IT departments and systems.

Paul has built and managed data centers, networks and call centers. He was also the owner of a successful managed services provider (MSP) in the Atlanta area, after being asked to start one by a friend.

In his free time, Paul likes to coach baseball, watch hockey and football, and travel. He is considering a run for local elected office.

Paul Johnson
Vice President, NEtwork Security & ManAged Services


Roopangi Kadakia has over 25 years of Government and international technology and cybersecurity experience. Prior to joining XentIT, she was the Senior Director at Capital One as the cloud technology and security subject matter expert cyber risk management.

Prior to this position, she was the Deputy Assistant Secretary/Chief Information Security Officer/ Chief Cloud Strategist for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Web Services Executive at NASA, CISO for the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group, CISO for Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate, and Technical and Security Director for FirstGov (now USA.gov) at the General Services Administration.

Roopangi holds a Masters Degree from University of Texas at Arlington. In the past Roopangi was also a licensed therapist and is a passionate Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Malawi.

Tariq Alvi has 30 years of diverse experience in engineering, information technology and cybersecurity. Tariq founded XentIT in 2006 with a mission to provide “professional services without giving up personal attention” to his clients. XentIT’s 500+ clients include federal, state and local government entities as well as small, medium and large businesses. His commitment to providing quality service to his clients made him go back to school and earn a MS in Cybersecurity Technology degree from University of Maryland Global Campus.